diABlo dUKes

Introducing the Diablo Dukes

The Diablo Dukes are an instrumental rock group from the San Francisco Bay Area formed by the triumvirate of Seth Chapla on electric guitar, Peter Thomas on drums, and Stephen Goodwin on bass. From low and slow to high and fast, the Dukes' music is characterized by adventurous romps through a cornucopia of different musical styles and feels. Each song is a unique journey - featuring soaring melodies, searing instrumental solos, shifting time signatures, and funky grooves. It's safe to say that there is very little these 3 musicians cannot conquer in the realm of instrumental music, so sit back, relax, and let the fiery music of the Diablo Dukes wash over you like liquid magma...

Meet The Dukes

Peter Thomas : Drums

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Seth Chapla : Guitar

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Stephen Goodwin : Bass

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Latest Music

  • "Eulogy"

  • "Triceratops"

  • "The Road Ahead"


Latest Videos

Live Sampler

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Master Chess Part #1 : Tron Run/r

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Brown Jug : Drum Tracking

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